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Top Sugar Daddies from Los Angeles, CA

How can you find sugar daddies in LA?

Los Angeles has thousands of influential people, entrepreneurs, and rich entertainment industry celebrities, which makes this region one of the best for sugar daddy search.

You can find sugar daddy in Los Angeles quite quickly, as there are many men who just don’t have enough time for traditional dating and/or want to have mutually beneficial relationships without emotional commitment. 

So, if you wonder how to find a sugar daddy in Los Angeles, there are two main options available:

  • Offline. LA County is the most populous, therefore there are many high-end places, where you can meet a local sugar daddy. Paradise Cove Bluffs, the Encinal Bluffs beachfront, and the Beverly Crest area of Los Angeles are the most expensive areas, so it’s worth considering these if you’re seeking sugar daddy LA.
  • Online. Another popular option that doesn’t require any traveling is specialized sugar daddy websites. With a reliable sugar dating site, you can meet a SD from a different location and negotiate an allowance-based or PPM arrangement.

Even though both options can help you find a SD, using a sugar daddy site is better and more effective. You are not spending on traveling, clothes, and dining in different luxurious places in hopes to meet someone.

Besides, picking a SD online is safer, as you can do a background check and just talk more before you meet IRL.

3 best sugar daddy sites in LA

Updated for August 2022
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How to get a sugar daddy in LA online?

To help you get a sugar daddy LA the most effective way, we made a short guide, based on our experience in the niche.


  1. Register on a sugar daddy site in Los Angeles. The platform should not concentrate solely on LA SDs; check if the platform covers the California region.
  2. Take time to create your profile. Make sure that you add high-quality sexy photos, and make your headline and bio informative and intriguing. You need to be playful and never reveal all at a time.
  3. Browse profiles of SD and approach wealthy men you like. Check out the sugar daddy near me section available on some websites. Think of creative flirty approaches, as regular ‘Hi’ might be lost in the inbox.
  4. Pick 3-5 SDs for communication and keep in touch. Sometimes it takes time to negotiate an agreement. Remember that all sugar relationships have their end.
  5. Go on ‘meet and greets’. No one puts pressure on you when picking a particular sugar daddy. There are a lot of candidates with different incomes, various preferences, and things they seek. 

Seeking arrangements (LA) is one of the easiest regions, as there are many wealthy open-minded people, but you need also be aware of the so-called “salt daddies” who just pretend to provide real sugar.

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What areas in LA county have the biggest number of sugar daddies?

According to Forbes, California has the largest number of billionaires, and particularly the LA region is famous for being home to many wealthy and established men. In fact, Los Angeles is in the top-5 cities (takes the fifth place) with the biggest number of sugar daddies. Seeking sugar daddy in LA, California, you can consider such places as:

  • West Hollywood. A trendy-to-visit area with a number of dance clubs, music venues, bars, art galleries, and big-name and local fashion shops. It has around 309 active SDs as of 2020.
  • Hermosa Beach. This beachfront city is where many local sugar daddies rest in yacht clubs, lounges, pubs, and restaurants.
  • Van Nuys. A very populous neighborhood, home to many rich men.
  • Sherman Oaks. The area is known for suburban comfort and lots of shopping malls, gastropods, cafés, and wine bars.
  • Pacific Palisades. This affluent, secluded neighborhood is where many wealthy SDs have properties.

In 2021, the combined wealth of LA County billionaires was $159 billion, which is about 16% of CA billionaires.

Pros and cons of being a sugar baby in LA

✅ Pros

  • LA County is the richest in the CA, and in top-5 cities with the biggest number of sugar daddies
  • Many affluent and high-end places from restaurants, gastropods, bars, yacht clubs, private resorts for luxury sugar lifestyle
  • Many sugar daddies from LA are in the entertainment business and offer mentorship and many other perks in addition to allowance or PPM

❌ Cons

  • High competition, as many sugar babies want to get a daddy in this region
  • Many SD wannabes and scammers, so use the services of a reliable SD website
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